Superstripes 2022
Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022

Superstripes 2022

Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022


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  1. Correlated electron systems (superconductivity and magnetism, Mott transition, quantum criticality, multi-band Hubbard model, Lifshitz transitions)
  2. Charge density waves
  3. Spin density waves
  4. Entropy materials
  5. Interaction of photons (from Terahertz to X-rays) and nanomaterials
  6. Nano science (graphene, TMDC, QHE, topological and 2-d materials, Fano resonances)
  7. Spintronics (Skyrmions, itinerant electron magnetism, spin current, magnetic memory)
  8. Cold atoms (Hubbard Model, Feshbach Resonances, BEC-BCS crossover) and complex systems (Nanoscale phase separation)
  9. Supersolids
  10. Supercrystals
  11. High Entropy Materials
  12. Topological Quantum Science
  13. Topological materials
  14. Topology and Ferromagnets
  15. Edge states
  16. Spin-orbit Intercation
  17. Twisted bilayer graphene
  18. Twisted 2D flakes
  19. Physics and technology of 2D flakes
  20. Unconventional electron-phonon interaction
  21. Rashba Physics and topological order
  22. High Pressure Physics
  23. Supercondicting Pressurized Hydrides
  24. Room Temperature superconductivity
  25. New featurers of Stripe-order in cuprates and related materials
  26. Magnetic field control of Stripe-order
  27. Uniaxial Stress control of stripes-order
  28. Coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity
  29. Dynamics of many body localized states
  30. Nanoscale phase separation
  31. Thermalization
  32. Many-body localization
  33. Charge density wave motion
  34. Spin density wave motion
  35. Moire materials
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