Superstripes 2022
Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022

Superstripes 2022

Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022


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June 20 Monday

9.25-9.50 - Gabriel Aeppli
Multiband Bose condensate 

9.50-10.15 - Masatoshi Imada*
Integrated spectroscopy to study electron fractionalization and high-Tc superconductivity

10.15-10.40 - Ryo Shimano*
Inhomogeneous superconducting-like terahertz response of photoexcited stripe-ordered phases in La2-x-yNdySrxCuO4

10.40-11.05 - Stefano Lupi
Spectroscopy Investigation of Quantum Materials Through Novel Optical Sources

11.05-11.35 - COFFEE BREAK

11.35-12.00 - Valerii Vinokur
Confinement and asyptotic freedom with Cooper pairs

12.00-12.25 - Uri Vool
Superconducting circuits as inductive sensors for novel superconductors

12.25-12.50 - Nicola Poccia
Controlling strong correlations of HTSs with Van der Waals heterostructure

12.50-13.15 - Leonardo Degiorgi
Optical signature of anomalous Hall effect in a magnetic Weyl semimetal

13.15-14.30 - LUNCH

14.30-14.55 - Dragan Mihailovic
Quantum billiards in correlated electronic matter

14.55-15.20 - Neven Barisic
Optical conductivity of cuprates in a new light

15.20-15.45 - Fedor Balakirev
Hydride Superconductors in High Magnetic Fields

15.45-16.10 - Daniele Nicoletti
Anomalous Terahertz Emission in Striped Cuprates

16.10-16.40 - COFFEE BREAK

16.40-17.05 - Yasutomo Uemura*
Two-Step Mott Transition in Ni(S,Se)2: Interpenetrating spin-charge percolation suggested by muons and neutrons

17.05-17.30 - Yu He*
Breaking a metal via low dimensional fluctuations

17.30-17.55 - Dmitry Reznik*
The nature of local dynamic order of the technologically-relevant cubic phase in hybrid perovskites CH3NH3PbI3 and CH3NH3PbBr3

17.55-18.20 - Despina Louca*
Exploring the Dirac nature of superconducting RbBi2

18.20-18.35- Giulia Venditti*
The CDW – SC competition as a source of filamentary superconductivity: a Monte Carlo study

June 21 Tuesday

9.00-9.25 - Mikhail Eremets*
Near room temperature superconductivity in hydrides at high pressures

9.25-9.50 - Ryotaro Arita*
Path integral molecular dynamics study on the P-T phase diagram of LaH10

9.50-10.15 - Hideo Aoki*
Engineering topological superconductivity in and out of equilibrium

10.15-10.40 - Antonio Bianconi
Superstripes, supersolids, supermetals and room temperature resonant multi-gap superconductivity at a Fano-Feshbach pair transfer resonance

10.40-11.05 - Frank Marsiglio
High-Pressure Hydrides: Experimental Questions and some Theory

11.05-11.35 - COFFEE BREAK

11.35-12.00 - Hiroshi Kontani
Exotic density-wave states and superconductivity in kagome metals and other strongly correlated electron systems

12.00-12.25 - Sergio Caprara
Charge density fluctuations and the strange metal behavior of cuprates

12.25-12.50 - Andrea Perali
Pairing amplification and screening of fluctuations in multicomponent superconductors

12.50-13.15 - Emil Bozin
Hexamer precursor to a two-stage electronic transition in RuP

13.15-14.30 - LUNCH

14.30-14.55 - Robin Guehne
Electronic Properties of Bulk of 3D Topological Insulators Investigated with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

14.55-15.20 - Sujoy Roy
Static and dynamic correlation of stripe domains in magnetic thin film

15.20-15.45 - Remko Fermin
Superconducting triplet rim currents in a spin-textured ferromagnetic disk

15.45-16.10 - Egor Babaev*
Electron quadrupling condensates: theory and experimental evidence in Ba1−xKxFe2As2

16.10-16.40 - COFFEE BREAK

16.40-17.05 - Alejandro Mendoza*
Exploring quantum quasi-crystals patterns: A variational approach.

17.05-17.30 - Erica Carlson*
Critical Nematic Correlations Throughout the Superconducting Doping Range in BSCO

17.30-17.55 - Adriana Moreo*
Multitude of topological phase transitions in bipartite dice and Lieb lattices with interacting electrons and Rashba coupling

17.55-18.20 - Cenke Xu*
A theory for exotic Mott transition

18.20-18.35- Giovanni Mirarchi
Dissipation-driven strange metal behavior

June 22 Wednesday

9.00-9.25 - Jin Changqing*
New High Tc Superconductors Approaching via Extreme Conditions

9.25-9.50 - Andrea Gauzzi*
High-Tc Superconductivity in Strongly Overdoped Cuprates

9.50-10.15 - Steven Conradson
Overdoped Cuprates: Beyond BCS?

10.15-10.40 - Gennady Logvenov
Heterogeneous Superconducting Ground State in HTS interfaces

10.40-11.05 - Maria Vittoria Mazziotti
Multi-gap superconductivity tuned by Rashba spin-orbit coupling and electron-phonon interaction

11.05-11.35 - COFFEE BREAK

11.35-12.00 - Vladimir Dobrosavljevic
Disorder-dominated quantum criticality in moiré bilayers

12.00-12.25 - Bernd Büchner
Orbitals and Nematicity in 1111- and 111-type Fe based Superconductors

12.25-12.50 - Luis Balicas
Coexistence of Merons and Skyrmions in Fe5-xGeTe2

12.50-13.15 - Claudio Mazzoli
Investigation of density waves in 214 nickelates, their length and time scales from a resonant coherent soft x-ray perspective

13.15-14.30 - LUNCH

14.30-14.55 - Angelo Di Bernardo
Evidence for surface magnetism in the superconductor Sr2RuO4

14.55-15.20 - Ke-Jin Zhou
Charge density waves in in infinite-layer NdNiO2 nickelates

15.20-15.45 - Dragana Popovic
Vanishing Hall response in the field-revealed normal state of stripe-ordered cuprates

15.45-16.10 - John Tranquada*
Pairing through Charge Order in Cuprate Superconductors

16.10-16.40 - COFFEE BREAK

16.40-17.05 - Francesco Stellato
The EuPRAXIA FEL project:  ultra-bright light pulses for imaging and spectroscopy

17.05-17.30 - Boriana Mihailova
Polarons in rock-forming minerals: physical implications

17.30-17.55 - Simone Bernardini
Laser-induced degradation of Mn oxides: a key-analytical basis for monitoring redox processes in high-tech materials

17.55-18.20 - Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek
The power of Mössbauer spectroscopy - iron ions as a probe of inter- and intramolecular interactions

18.20-18.35 - Luca Tomarchio
Optical Identification of the Superconductive Gap in Nd0.8Sr0.2NiO2

June 23 Thursday

9.00-9.25 - Kosmas Prassides*
Searching for the Hebel-Slichter coherence peak across the superconductivity dome of fullerides

9.25-9.50 - Y Soh
Coupling between the magnetic and charge degrees of freedom in a Weyl ferromagnet

9.50-10.15 - Susie Speller
Understanding radiation damage in high temperature superconductors using electron  microscopy and x-ray absorption spectroscopy

10.15-10.40 - Roman Puzniak
Enhancement of superconducting state properties and crystallinity degradation due to chemical substitutions, applied pressure, and hydrogenation in Fe-Te-Se single crystals

10.40-11.05 - Thorsten Schmitt*
Spin-excitation anisotropy in the nematic state of detwinned FeSe

11.05-11.35 - COFFEE BREAK

11.35-12.00 - Alexander Gray
Atomic-level design and ultrafast terahertz electric-field control of emergent electronic and magnetic phenomena at oxide interfaces

12.00-12.25 - Chongwen Zou*
Hydrogenation induced multiple phase transitions in VO2 film

12.25-12.50 - Marta Gibert*
Critical length scales at metal-insulator and magnetic oxide interfaces

12.50-13.15 - Alessandro D'Elia
Interplay between electron correlation metallicity and critical temperature in epitaxially strained VO2/TiO2(101) films

13.15-14.30 - LUNCH

14.30-14.55 - Ivan Maggio-Aprile
Wang-MacDonald Vortex Core States Observed in a High Temperature Superconductor

14.55-15.20 - Valentina Brosco
Parity and spin-rotation symmetry breaking in correlated materials and nanostructures

15.20-15.45 - Krzysztof Wohlfeld
Why is ARPES of 1D and 2D cuprates so different?

15.45-16.10 - Wojciech Brzezicki
Topological effects in SnTe-class multilayers and nanowires

16.10-16.40 - COFFEE BREAK

16.40-17.05 - Mauro Doria*
The spectrum of bilayers under the spin-momentum locking condition

17.05-17.30 - Omar De la Peña-Seaman*
Superconducting metal-hydrides: Analyzing the effect of doping together with reduced applied pressure

17.30-17.55 - Emmanuele Cappelluti*
Unconventional hot-phonon physics in MgB2 driven by anisotropic electron-phonon coupling

17.55-18.20 - Lukasz Plucinski*
Imaging spin textures of novel quantum materials using spin-polarized ARPES

18.20-18.35 - Salvatore Macis
Infrared Plasmons in Ultrahigh Conductive PdCoO2 Metallic Oxide

June 24 Friday

9.00-9.25 - Wei Xu*
Tuning thermoelectricity via nanoscale phase separation in SnSe

9.25-9.50 - Shrawan Mishra*
A closer view of quantum critical point in heavy fermion CeCoIn5

9.50-10.15 - Masato Sakano*
Micro-focused ARPES study on atomically thin WTe2 flakes

10.15-10.40 - Zurab Guguchia*
Using uniaxial stress to probe the relationship between competing superconducting states in a cuprate with spin-stripe order

10.40-11.05 - Takasada Shibauchi
Enhanced superconductivity near a nematic quantum critical point in FeSe-based superconductors

11.05-11.35 - COFFEE BREAK

11.35-12.00 - Jason Robinson
Absolute spin-valve and supercurrent diode effect in a nearly-nm-thick s-wave superconductor on a ferromagnetic insulator

12.00-12.25 - Kukka-Emilia Huhtinen
Superconductivity in flat bands: role of minimal quantum metric and band touchings

12.25-12.50 - Marcelo Maialle
Remote Feshbach-Fano resonance between minibands in quasi-1D MgB2 superlattice

12.50-13.15 - Wojciech Pasek
Towards an effective mass model for the quasi-1D multiband superconducting superlattice

13.15-14.30 - LUNCH

14.30- 14.55 - Boby Joseph*
Role of crystal lattice in pressure-induced electronic transitions: selected examples

14.30-14.55 - Götz Seibold
Third harmonics generation from collective modes in disordered superconductors

14.55-15.20 - Gregor Jotzu
Light-Induced Superconductivity in Organic Materials:  Metastability, Microscopic Riddles,  and Ultrafast Magnetometry

15.20-15.45 - Gaetano Campi
Scale free oxygen ordering in cuprate superconductors

15.45-16.10 - Alessandra Lanzara
From excitons to topological excitons and their fingerprints on the electronic bandstructure

16.10-16.35 - Damjan Pelc*
Plastic deformation of a quantum material

16.35-17.00 - COFFEE BREAK


 17.00-17.30 - CLOSING SESSION

*Remote participation


 - Sathish Kumar Paramasivam
The Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and BCS-BEC crossover in a 2D multiband superconductors.

 - Shakhil Ponnarassery Gangadharan
Electronic structure with flat bands in striped and curved heterostructures: Searching for resonant phenomena and enhancement of superconductivity


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