Superstripes 2022
Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022

Superstripes 2022

Frascati-Rome – June 20-24, 2022


If you are unable to reset your password please write to

Registrations Fees
Until April 30, 2022
Until May 20, 2022
Students € 250,00    € 300,00 
Invited Speakers   € 300,00 € 350,00 
Participants € 500,00 € 550,00 

You can pay your registration fee to a verifed non profit organization:

  1. at the end of filling in the Registration form choosing between these options "PayPal or Credit Cards" or "Bank Transfer or later" (please, see instructions below).
  2. using the PayPal "Donation" procedure


PayPal "Donation" procedure

  1. Choose the PayPal button of your currency.
  2. After pushing the "Donate" button below, first write the amount of your registration fee
  3. Choose to pay with your PayPal Account or by Credit Card pushing the lower button "Donate with Card"


 Donate to Superstripes-onlus in EURO.
 Donate to Superstripes-onlus in US DOLLARS.


International Bank Transfer procedure

Using the "Bank Transfer" procedure please make sure that the Bank transfer fees are charged to the sender.


  • account holder : SUPERSTRIPES-onlus
  • holder address: Via dei Sabelli 119A, 00185 Roma
  • Fiscal Code: 97241860580


  • bank name: CREDIT AGRICOLE CARIPARMA Roma - Agenzia 25
  • bank address: Via Colonna Antonina, 33 - Roma
  • IBAN code: IT57X0623005031000040475382
  • SWIFT code: CRPPIT2P137
  • mentioning for identification: 1.YOUR SURNAME & NAME - 2.YOUR TOWN - 3. REGISTRATION AT Superstripes 2022


Refund Policy 2022

Should you cancel your registration due to a change in plans, please note the following refund scheme:

  • For refund requests received before April 30, 2022, the refund is reduced by 100 euro, to cover the administrative costs of processing and refunding.
  • For refund requests received from May 1st to May 31, 2022 the refund is reduced by 200 euro, to cover the administrative costs of booking, processing and refunding.
  • There will be no refunds for requests received after May 31, 2022.
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