Superstripes 2023

Erice-Sicily – August 4-8, 2023

Superstripes 2023

Erice-Sicily – August 4-8, 2023

Superstripes 2023

Erice-Sicily – August 4-8, 2023

"Quantum Complex Matter and Technology"
Superstripes 2023

International Conference

"Majorana Centre", Erice-Sicily, August 4-8, 2023

(arrival day: August 3th ; departure day: August 9th)


Chairman: Antonio Bianconi


The Superstripes 2023 meeting continues the successful series of International meetings started with the first Stripes Conference held in Rome in 1996 following the growing high interest of the scientific International community on emergence new phenomena related with Complexity in Quantum Matter. The aim of 2023 Superstripes conference is to foster top-level science and scientific culture advances bringing together selected world leaders in the field of new advances in hot topics (see Topics web page) of quantum complex matter science.

Stato della dinamica della diffusione del Covid-19 nelle regioni italiane e in Europa

Il nuovo Indice RICMASS alternativo ai ben noti parametri Rt e Td

Il Gruppo di ricerca Covid-19 RICMASS ha proposto un algoritmo che indica le variazioni della velocità di diffusione del Covid-19: indicatore per l'esplosione della terza ondata.

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