Monday, October 26

  • 9:00-9:50 OPENING SESSION
    - Daria Pushkova, Director of the Russian Center for Culture in Rome 
    - Anastasia Zadorina, Deputy Director for international S&T cooperation at the International Centre for Innovation in Science, Technology and Education (Analytical center ICISTE)
    - Igor Shiryaev, Councellor of the Russian Federation Embassy in Italy
    - Domenico Fornara, Head of the Office for Bilateral Policies and Activities for the internationalization of scientific and technological research and innovation at the Italian MoFA
    - Enrico Brugnoli, Italian Scientific Councellor, Embassy of Italy, Moscow
    - Michele Saviano, Istituto di Cristallografia, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IC-CNR)
    - Claudio Pettinari, Rettore Università di Camerino
    - Antonio Bianconi, Rome International Center for Materials Science, Superstripes, Roma (RICMASS)

Chairman: Antonio Bianconi

Chairman: Andrea Perali

Tuesday, October 27

Chairman: Sergei I. Mukhin

Chairman: Augusto Marcelli

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