Topological Quantum Science

"Majorana Centre"
Erice on November 1-7, 2021
Topological Quantum Science

"Majorana Centre"
Erice on November 1-7, 2021

Tuesday, 2 November

09:00 - OPENING

09:50 - Gabriel Aeppli
Topology and Ferromagnets

10:40 - BREAK

11:10 - Lukasz Plucinski
Band Structure Engineering in 3D Topological Insulators

12:00 - Wojciech Brzezicki
Topological effects in SnTe-class multilayers and nanowires

12:50 - LUNCH

15:30 - Konrad J. Kapcia
Complex phase diagram of the extended Falicov-Kimbal model: possible hint for hidden order and topological phases

16:20 - BREAK

16:50 - Ali Yazdani*
Correlations, topology, and unconventional superconductivity in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene

17:40 - Cenke Xu*
Construction of Fractal Order and Phase Transition with Rydberg Atoms

18:30 - Giordano Mattoni
Current-induced phenomena in Ca2RuO4: The challenge of overcoming Joule heating

19:30 - DINNER

Wednesday, 3 November

09:00 - Yoshiteru Maeno
Unconventional superconductivity of Sr2RuO4: beyond the traditional framework

09:50 - Luis Balicas
Magnetic field-induced non-trivial electronic topology in FenGeTe2

10:40 - BREAK

11:10 - Joe Checkelsky
Natural Superlattice Design of Quantum Materials

12:00 - Nicola Poccia
Controlling strong correlations of HTSs with Van der Waals heterostructure

12:50 - LUNCH

15:30 - Catherine Pepin
Charge order and Strange metals in cuprate superconductors

16:20 - BREAK

16:50 - Anna Krzton-Maziopa
The role of Lewis base-alkali metal adducts in tuning of superconducting properties of intercalated iron monochalcogenides

17:40 - Alessandra Lanzara*
From excitons to topological excitons and their fingerprints on the electronic bandstructure

18:30 - Carmine Autieri:
Coupling Charge and Topological Reconstructions at Polar Oxide Interfaces

19:30 - DINNER

Thursday, 4 November

09:00 - Matthias Eschrig
Topology and Geometry in Superconductors

09:50 - Antonio Bianconi
Resonant multi-gap room temperature superconductivity driven by Fano-Feshach resonance at Lifshitz electronic topological transition

10:40 - BREAK

11:10 - Giorgio Benedek
Measuring the Electron–Phonon Interaction in Two-Dimensional Superconductors and Topological Materials with He-Atom Scattering

12:00 - Fedor Kusmartsev*
Rashba Physics and topological order in FeSe: Determination of Fermi surface of FeSe monolayer by Landau level spectroscopy




19:30 - DINNER

Friday, 5 November

09:00 - Andrzej Oles
First Principle Studies of Topological Phase in Chains of 3d Transition Metals

09:50 - Leonardo Degiorgi
Chasing the interplay between magnetism and topological states in the optical response of Na-doped CaMnBi2

10:40 - BREAK

11:10 - Sergei Mukhin*
Euclidean Q-balls of fluctuating SDW/CDW in the ‘nested’ Hubbard model of high-Tc superconductors as the origin of pseudogap and superconducting behaviors

12:00 - Sergio Caprara
Robustness of Majorana-fermion states in one-dimensional structures

12:50 - LUNCH

15:30 - Maria Vittoria Mazziotti
Multicomponent superconductivity at the unconventional Lifshitz transition in a three-dimensional heterostructure with tunable Rashba spin-orbit coupling

16:20 - BREAK

16:50 - Andrzej Ptok
Artificial separation of trivial and topological superconducting domains

17:40 - Zurab Guguchia
Time-reversal symmetry-breaking charge order in a correlated kagome superconductor

18:30 - Giorgos Livanas
Controllable topological superconductivity in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures

19:30 - DINNER

Saturday, 6 November

09:00 - Andrea Perali
Interplay between superconducting fluctuations, pairing resonances, and topology of the Fermi surface in complex and nanostructured superconductors

09:50 - Steffen Wirth
STM on topological materials

10:40 - BREAK

11:10 - Y Soh
Coupling between the magnetic and charge degrees of freedom in a Weyl ferromagnet

12:00 - Roman Puzniak
Correlation between enhancement of superconducting state properties and crystallinity degradation under pressure in Fe-Te-Se single crystals

12:50 - LUNCH

15:30 - Robin Guehne
Nuclear magnetic resonance of three dimensional topological insulators

16:20 - BREAK

16:50 - Mario Novak
Transport and optical study of nodal-line and Dirac semimetals in high magnetic fields

17:40 - Wojciech Pasek*
Band superconductivity in a periodic constricted nanoribbon structures

18:10 - CLOSING



*Online Talk


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