Topological matter and Spintronics

1) Michal Grzybowski: Achieving electric field influence on thin films of antiferromagetic CuMnAs
2) Robin Guehne: 209Bi NMR Study of Topological Insulator Bi2Se3 Single Crystals
3) Kameron Hansen: Time-resolved APRES measurements on monolayer MoS2
4) Alexander Kerelsky: Long Range Intrinsic Magnetic Order in Bulk Semiconducting MoTe2 and MoSe2
5) Junzhang Ma: Emergence of Dirac fermions in a correlated antiferromagnet EuCd2As2 with broken parity-time symmetry
6) Grzegorz Mazur: Majorana-like excitations in a ferromagnetic topological crystalline insulator
8) Kaushik Sen: Electronic Raman scattering in SrIrO3 thin films
9) Yinming Shao: Optical Signatures of Dirac Nodal-line semimetal in NbAs2
10) Takaaki Takenaka: Low-energy quasiparticle excitations in superconducting doped topological insulator SrxBi2Se3 studied by penetration depth measurements

Ruthenium - titanium - vanadium - oxides

11) Clement Collignon: Superfluid density and carrier concentration across a superconducting dome: The case of strontium titanate
12) Alessandro D’Elia: Metal-Insulator transition in VO2: structure and electron dynamics at the nanoscale, from multi domain systems toward single domain limit
13) Aaron Sternbach: Time-Resolved Near-Field investigation of the Insulator to Metal transition in Vanadium Dioxide
14) Salvatore Macis: Deposition and characterization of MoO3 films on copper to improve accelerating technologies
15) Nicola Pugno: Quantum Tribology and  related sensors
16) Kohtaro Yamakawa: Muon Spin Relaxation Studies of Mott Transition in (La,Sr)VO3
17) Long Yang: Role of local structural distortions on Mo and V nitrides with the pair distribution function analysis
18) Guoqiang Zhao: Single Crystal Growth and Propertis Study of Diluted Magnetic Semicondutor (Ba,K)(Zn,Mn) 2As2 & (Ba,Na) (Zn,Mn)2 As 2
19) Giuliano Chiriacò: Current Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in 1D Charge Density Wave

Quantum matter in organics and graphene

20) Elizabeth Culbertson: Structural Determination of Alkali Metal-Doped p-Terphenyl Using the Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Method
21) Maria Vittoria Mazziotti: Superconductivity in the BCS-BEC crossover near a topological Lifshitz transition in organic superconductors 
22) Tobias Wolf: Substrate-induced topological mini-bands in graphene
23) Yutao Li: Designer bandstructures in bilayer graphene by superlattice patterning
24) Apoorv Jindal: One-dimensional potential in graphene

Unconventional superconductors

25) Pavel Volkov: Properties of pair density waves in SC/CDW systems
26) Dalila Bounoua: Finite size effect on the spin dynamics of the quasi-one dimensional spin chains system SrCuO2
27) Marija Avramovska: Properties of the electronic fluid of superconducting cuprates from NMR relaxation and shift
28) Debmalya Chakraborty: Phase diagram of the underdoped cuprates at high magnetic field
29) Danica Pavicevic: Properties of the electronic fluid of superconducting cuprates from NMR relaxation and shift
29a) Ruben Albertini: Imaging local strain spatial fluctuations in superconducting BaPb1-xBixO3 by scanning micro-XANES

Superconductors II: iron-based superconductors and related spin matter

30) Francesco Galanti: EDL gating in optimally doped BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 ultrathin films
31) Kohei Matsuura: Three-dimensional electronic phase diagram of FeSeS
32) Mimoza Naseska: Ultrafast spin density wave dynamics in iron-based pnictides at intense optical pulse excitation

Photonics and quantum Matter

34) Augusto Ghiotto: Tunable strain of monolayer TMD: effects on excitons
35) Anina Leuch: Electronic and photonic quantum engineered systems
36) Silvia Tofani: Polymeric zone plates for terahertz radiation focusing
37) Anastasia Aristova: Two-component model of superconductivity in a checkerboard background

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