• Topic A: Majorana
    • Jason Alicea  (Caltech, USA)
           Majorana-based quamtum computing
    • Satoshi Fujimoto (Osaka University, Japan)
           Weyl superconductors
    • Takeshi Mizushima (Osaka University, Japan)
           Higgs bosons as probes of Majorana fermions
    • Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford University, Usa)
           Chiral Majorana Fermions
  • Topic B1: Topological Superconductivity (Bulk)
    • Daniel Agterberg (University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)
           Exotic pairing
    • Matthias Eschrig (Royal Holloway, University London, UK)
           Topological superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric materials
    • Masatoshi Sato (Kyoto University, Japan)
           Topological superconductivity
    • Shingo Yonezawa (Kyoto University, Japan)
           Nematic superconductivity
  • Topic B2: Topological Superconductivity (Heterostructures)
    • Yasuhiro Asano (Hokkaido University, Japan)
           Topological superconducting junctions
    • Mario Cuoco (CNR-SPIN & Univ. Salerno, Italy)
           Topological superconductivity and magnetic semimetals
    • Sachio Komori (University Cambridge, UK)
           Unconventional junctions
    • Carmine Ortix (Institute of Theoretical Physics Utrecht/CNR-SPIN & Univ. Salerno, Netherlands/Italy)
           Topological phases in nanoscale shaped spin-orbit coupled nanostructures
    • Marco Cariglia 
  • Topic C: Topological Condensates
    • Yuichi Kasahara (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
           Thermal Hall effect in alpha-RuCl3
    • Norio Kawakami (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
           Laser-induced topo phases
    • David Mandrus (Univ. Tennessee, USA)
           Kitaev spin liquid state in alpha-RuCl3
    • Tomohiro Takayama (Univ. Tokyo/Max-Planck Institute forSolid State Research, Stuttgart, Japan/Germany)
           Honeycomb lattice spin liquid
    • Masahito Ueda (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
           Non-euilibrium topo systems
  • Topic D: Dirac and Weyl Materials
    • Sergey Borisenko (IFW, Dresden, Germany)
           ARPES on 3D Dirac and type II Weylsemimetals
    • Takeshi Kondo (ISSP, Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
           ARPES of Mn3Sn
    • Yuji Matsuda (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
           Topological properties of YB12
    • Kentaro Nomura (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
           Magnetotransport and magnetization dynamics in Weyl semimetals
    • Giancarlo Panaccione (CNR-IOM & Elettra Trieste, Italy)
           ARPES Topological semimetals and topological insulators
    • Tomasz Dietl (International Research Centre Magtop, Warszawa, Poland)
           Topological Crystalline Insulators: Role of Superconductivity and Magnetism
    • Seigo Souma (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
           ARPES Weyl semimetals
  • Topic E: Correlations and topology
    • Antonio Bianconi (RICMASS, Italy)
           Fano resonances at unconventional topological Lifshitz transitions
    • Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
           DC current effects
    • Koji Muraki (NTT Basic Research Lab., Japan)
           Spin-orbit splitting
    • Antonio Vecchione (CNR-SPIN & Univ. Salerno, Italy)
           Topological materials


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