Title of the Book: 3D Graphene: From fundamental properties to applications



ISBN 9788866830924

ISBN-A 10.978.886683/0924

Science Series: Volume No. 15

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Publisher: Superstripes Press, Rome, Italy

Year of Publication: 2018

Workshop name: 3D Graphene: From fundamental properties to applications

Bilateral Workshop in the Framework of the Italian-Chinese Collaborative Research Projects between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)


Conference Date and Location: October 1-2 (2018), Rome and Frascati, Italy

Editors: Stefano Lupi (INFN, Roma), Augusto Marcelli (INFN, Frascati)

Stefano Bellucci, Antonio Bianconi, Shuangming Chen, Francesco De Nicola, Paola De Padova, Luciana Di Gaspare, Neda Ghofraniha, Hengxing Ji, Andrea Liscio, Wen Liu, Stefano Lupi, Salvatore Macis, Augusto Marcelli, Andrea Notargiacomo, Andrea Perali, Liangti Qu, Milad Sani, Pengpeng Shang, Li Song, Xiaoming Sun, Silvia Tofani, Xiaojun Wu, Wei Xu, Zhipan Zhang, Yanwu Zhu.



Graphene is the first thermodynamically stable two-dimensional material discovered in nature. Its properties are extraordinary: from the very high electric mobility based on linear dispersion electrons (Dirac electrons), to the strong interaction with the electromagnetic field, to the high thermal conductivity, to the remarkable mechanical hardness.
In recent years research has focused on providing a third dimension to graphene. Recently three-dimensional (3D) graphene-like materials have been discovered with micro and nano-porous structures, or made by mesoscopic filaments that are distributed on macroscopic spatial scales. These topological structures allow preserving the extraordinary electrical and thermodynamic properties of 2D graphene extending them in 3D.
The porous or filamentous nature, and the high surface/volume ratio of these 3D architectures open interesting application scenarios and opportunities for fundamental physics researches: batteries and supercapacitors, flexible electronics, IR and THz photonics, plasmonics and finally, the manufacture of novel highly-efficient devices capable of transduce light into sound. This research triggered and will continue to stimulate also the physics of all carbon based materials and their technological applications.


近年来,研究集中在为石墨烯提供第三个维度。最近发现了三维(3D)类石墨烯材料,或具有微米、纳米多孔结构, 或由分布在宏观空间尺度上的介观纤维构成。这些拓扑结构保留了二维石墨烯优异的电学和热力学性能,并将其扩展到三维体系中。



Table of contents

Li Song
Hybridizing nanocarbons with 2D layers

Antonio Bianconi
Unconventional topological superconductivity driven by Fano resonance at Lifshitz transitions in graphene superlattices

Andrea Perali
Enhanced Superconductivity and Superfluidity in Carbon Based Nanostructures: Theoretical Predictions and Experiments

Wen Liu
Nano Carbon based Materials design for Li-S batteries

Neda Ghofraniha
Soret reverse saturable absorption of graphene oxide and its application in random lasers

Luciana Di Gaspare
CVD growth of graphene on Ge(100)

Silvia Tofani
Towards an experimental validation at terahertz frequencies of Fabry-Perot Cavity leaky-wave antennas based on graphene

Xiaoming Sun
Superwetting Nanoarray Electrodes for Gas-involved Electrocatalysis

Pengpeng Shang
Thermoelectric performance of spark plasma-textured n-type polycrystalline SnSe

Yanwu Zhu
Graphite Oxide-Derived Graphene Materials: from Fundamental Research to Industry

Stefano Lupi
Terahertz and Infrared Plasmonic Absorption of 3-Dimensional Nano Porous Graphene

Shuangming Chen
The Atomic Intercalation and Synchrotron Radiation Characterization of Two-Dimensional Layered Nanomaterials

Francesco De Nicola
Sound and Light in 3D Graphene Aerogels

Xiaojun Wu
Theoretical Design of 2D Hybrid Structures for Energy Storage and Conversion

Stefano Bellucci
On the appearance of an energy gap and he electrical conductance of graphene, depending on the ordering of impurities

Paola De Padova
Multilayer Silicene: a New 2D Material

Liangti Qu
Graphene Platforms for Energy Conversion and Storage

Andrea Liscio
Understanding the exfoliation processes of Graphene and Related Materials: from a single piece to a large-scale production

Zhipan Zhang
Graphene-based Systems for Catalysis

Milad Sani
Anderson localization of surface plasmons in monolayer graphene

Hengxing Ji
Carbon based current collectors for lithium metal anodes

Stefano Bellucci
Few-layered graphene platelets for microwaves and (bio)sensors applications

Andrea Notargiacomo
SPM lithography on graphene on Ge(100)

Wei Xu
The High Energy Resolution Spectroscopy beamline at HEPS-a suite of tools for probing elementary excitations and hyperfine field

Salvatore Macis
High electric field breakdown test on MoO3-carbon nanotubes coated on copper

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