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Title of the Book: Superstripes 2022


ISBN 9788866831518

ISBN-A 10.978.886683/1518

Science Series: Volume No. 20

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Publisher: Superstripes Press, Rome, Italy

Title of the proceedings: Superstripes 2022

Extended Proceedings Title: Superstripes 2022

Year of Publication: 2022

Conference name: Superstripes 2022

Conference Date and Location: June 20-24 (2022), Frascati-Rome, Italy

Editor: Antonio Bianconi (RICMASS, Rome, Italy) – Augusto Marcelli (INFN-LNF, Rome, Italy)


Presenting Authors:
Gabriel Aeppli, Hideo Aoki, Ryotaro Arita, Egor Babaev, Fedor Balakirev, Luis Balicas, Neven Barisic, Simone Bernardini, Antonio Bianconi, Emil Bozin, Valentina Brosco, Wojciech Brzezicki, Bernd Büchner, Gaetano Campi, Emmanuele Cappelluti, Sergio Caprara, Erica Carlson, Steven Conradson, Alessandro D'Elia, Omar De la Peña-Seaman, Leonardo Degiorgi, Angelo Di Bernardo, Vladimir Dobrosavljevic, Mauro Doria, Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek, Mikhail Eremets, Remko Fermin, Andrea Gauzzi, Marta Gibert, Alexander Gray, Robin Guehne, Zurab Guguchia, Yu He, Kukka-Emilia Huhtinen, Masatoshi Imada, Changqing Jin, Boby Joseph, Gregor Jotzu, Hiroshi Kontani, Alessandra Lanzara, Gennady Logvenov, Despina Louca, Stefano Lupi, Salvatore Macis, Ivan Maggio-Aprile, Marcelo Maialle, Augusto Marcelli, Frank Marsiglio, Maria Vittoria Mazziotti, Claudio Mazzoli, Alejandro Mendoza, Boriana Mihailova, Dragan Mihailovic, Giovanni Mirarchi, Shrawan Mishra, Adriana Moreo, Daniele Nicoletti, Sathish Kumar Paramasivam, Wojciech Pasek, Damjan Pelc, Andrea Perali, Lukasz Plucinski, Nicola Poccia, Shakhil Ponnarassery Gangadharan, Dragana Popovic, Kosmas Prassides, Roman Puzniak, Dmitry Reznik, Jason Robinson, Sujoy Roy, Masato Sakano, Thorsten Schmitt, Götz Seibold, Takasada Shibauchi, Ryo Shimano, Y Soh, Susie Speller, Francesco Stellato, Luca Tomarchio, John Tranquada, Yasutomo Uemura, Giulia Venditti, Valerii Vinokur, Uri Vool, Krzysztof Wohlfeld, Cenke Xu, Wei Xu, Ke-Jin Zhou, Chongwen Zou.


Table of Contents:

Gabriel Aeppli
Multiband Bose condensate

Masatoshi Imada
Integrated spectroscopy to study electron fractionalization and high-Tc superconductivity

Ryo Shimano
Inhomogeneous superconducting-like terahertz response of photoexcited stripe-ordered phases in La

Stefano Lupi
Spectroscopy Investigation of Quantum Materials Through Novel Optical Sources

Valerii Vinokur
Topological Nature of High Temperature Superconductivity

Uri Vool
Superconducting circuits as inductive sensors for novel superconductors

Nicola Poccia
Controlling strong correlations of HTSs with Van der Waals heterostructure

Leonardo Degiorgi
Optical signature of anomalous Hall effect in a magnetic Weyl semimetal

Dragan Mihailovic
Quantum billiards in correlated electronic matter

Neven Barisic
Optical conductivity of cuprates in a new light

Fedor Balakirev
Hydride Superconductors in High Magnetic Fields

Daniele Nicoletti
Anomalous Terahertz Emission in Striped Cuprates

Yasutomo Uemura
Two-Step Mott Transition in Ni(S,Se)
2: Interpenetrating spin-charge percolation suggested by muons and neutrons

Yu He
Breaking a metal via low dimensional fluctuations

Dmitry Reznik
The nature of local dynamic order of the technologically-relevant cubic phase in hybrid perovskites CH
3NH3PbI3 and CH3NH3PbBr3

Despina Louca
Exploring the Dirac nature of superconducting RbBi

Giulia Venditti
The CDW – SC competition as a source of filamentary superconductivity: a Monte Carlo study

Mikhail Eremets
Near room temperature superconductivity in hydrides at high pressures

Ryotaro Arita
Path integral molecular dynamics study on the P-T phase diagram of LaH

Hideo Aoki
Engineering topological superconductivity in and out of equilibrium

Antonio Bianconi
Superstripes, supersolids, supermetals and room temperature resonant multi-gap superconductivity at a Fano-Feshbach pair transfer resonance

Frank Marsiglio
High-Pressure Hydrides: Experimental Questions and some Theory

Hiroshi Kontani
Exotic density-wave states and superconductivity in kagome metals and other strongly correlated electron systems

Sergio Caprara
Charge density fluctuations and the strange metal behavior of cuprates

Andrea Perali
Pairing amplification and screening of fluctuations in multicomponent superconductors

Emil Bozin
Hexamer precursor to a two-stage electronic transition in RuP

Robin Guehne
Electronic Properties of Bulk of 3D Topological Insulators Investigated with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Sujoy Roy
Static and dynamic correlation of stripe domains in magnetic thin film

Remko Fermin
Superconducting triplet rim currents in a spin-textured ferromagnetic disk

Egor Babaev
Electron quadrupling condensates: theory and experimental evidence in Ba1−xKxFe2As2

Alejandro Mendoza
Exploring quantum quasi-crystals patterns: A variational approach.

Erica Carlson
Critical Nematic Correlations Throughout the Superconducting Doping Range in BSCO

Adriana Moreo
Multitude of topological phase transitions in bipartite dice and Lieb lattices with interacting electrons and Rashba coupling

Cenke Xu
A theory for exotic Mott transition

Giovanni Mirarchi
Dissipation-driven strange metal behavior

Jin Changqing
New High Tc Superconductors Approaching via Extreme Conditions

Andrea Gauzzi
c Superconductivity in Strongly Overdoped Cuprates

Steven Conradson
Superconductivity-Lattice Coupling in Maximally Overdoped Cuprates: The Structure of [p=1/Tc=92 K] YBa2Cu3O8 Prepared with High Pressure Oxygen

Gennady Logvenov
Heterogeneous Superconducting Ground State in HTS interfaces

Maria Vittoria Mazziotti
Multi-gap superconductivity tuned by Rashba spin-orbit coupling and electron-phonon interaction

Vladimir Dobrosavljevic
Disorder-dominated quantum criticality in moiré bilayers

Bernd Büchner
Orbitals and Nematicity in 1111- and 111-type Fe based Superconductors

Luis Balicas
Magnetic field-induced non-trivial electronic topology in Fe

Claudio Mazzoli
Investigation of density waves in 214 nickelates, their length and time scales from a resonant coherent soft x-ray perspective

Angelo Di Bernardo
Evidence for surface magnetism in the superconductor Sr

Ke-Jin Zhou
Charge density waves in in infinite-layer NdNiO
2 nickelates

Dragana Popovic
Vanishing Hall response in the field-revealed normal state of stripe-ordered cuprates

John Tranquada
Pairing through Charge Order in Cuprate Superconductors

Francesco Stellato
The EuPRAXIA FEL project: ultra-bright light pulses for imaging and spectroscopy

Boriana Mihailova
Polarons in rock-forming minerals: physical implications

Simone Bernardini
Laser-induced degradation of Mn oxides: a key-analytical basis for monitoring redox processes in high-tech materials

Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek
The power of Mössbauer spectroscopy - iron ions as a probe of inter- and intramolecular interactions

Luca Tomarchio
Optical Identification of the Superconductive Gap in Nd

Kosmas Prassides
Searching for the Hebel-Slichter coherence peak across the superconductivity dome of fullerides

Y Soh
Coupling between the magnetic and charge degrees of freedom in a Weyl ferromagnet

Susie Speller
Understanding radiation damage in high temperature superconductors using electron microscopy and x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Roman Puzniak
Enhancement of superconducting state properties and crystallinity degradation due to chemical substitutions, applied pressure, and hydrogenation in Fe-Te-Se single crystals

Thorsten Schmitt
Spin-excitation anisotropy in the nematic state of detwinned FeSe

Alexander Gray
Atomic-level design and ultrafast terahertz electric-field control of emergent electronic and magnetic phenomena at oxide interfaces

Chongwen Zou
Hydrogenation induced multiple phase transitions in VO
2 film

Marta Gibert
Critical length scales at metal-insulator and magnetic oxide interfaces

Alessandro D'Elia
Interplay between electron correlation metallicity and critical temperature in epitaxially strained VO
2/TiO2(101) films

Ivan Maggio-Aprile
Wang-MacDonald Vortex Core States Observed in a High Temperature Superconductor

Valentina Brosco
Parity and spin-rotation symmetry breaking in correlated materials and nanostructures

Krzysztof Wohlfeld
Why is ARPES of 1D and 2D cuprates so different?

Wojciech Brzezicki
Topological effects in SnTe-class multilayers and nanowires

Mauro Doria
The spectrum of bilayers under the spin-momentum locking condition

Omar De la Peña-Seaman
Superconducting metal-hydrides: Analyzing the effect of doping together with reduced applied pressure

Emmanuele Cappelluti
Unconventional hot-phonon physics in MgB
2 driven by anisotropic electron-phonon coupling

Lukasz Plucinski
Imaging spin textures of novel quantum materials using spin-polarized ARPES

Salvatore Macis
Infrared Plasmons in Ultrahigh Conductive PdCoO
2 Metallic Oxide

Wei Xu
Tuning thermoelectricity via nanoscale phase separation in SnSe

Shrawan Mishra
A closer view of quantum critical point in heavy fermion CeCoIn

Masato Sakano
Micro-focused ARPES study on atomically thin WTe
2 flakes

Zurab Guguchia
Using uniaxial stress to probe the relationship between competing superconducting states in a cuprate with spin-stripe order

Takasada Shibauchi
Enhanced superconductivity near a nematic quantum critical point in FeSe-based superconductors

Jason Robinson
Absolute spin-valve and supercurrent diode effect in a nearly-nm-thick s-wave superconductor on a ferromagnetic insulator

Kukka-Emilia Huhtinen
Superconductivity in flat bands: role of minimal quantum metric and band touchings

Marcelo Maialle
Remote Feshbach-Fano resonance between minibands in quasi-1D MgB2 superlattice

Wojciech Pasek
Towards an effective mass model for the quasi-1D multiband superconducting superlattice

Götz Seibold
Third harmonics generation from collective modes in disordered superconductors

Gregor Jotzu
Light-Induced Superconductivity in Organic Materials: Metastability, Microscopic Riddles, and Ultrafast Magnetometry

Gaetano Campi
Scale free oxygen ordering in cuprate superconductors

Alessandra Lanzara
From excitons to topological excitons and their fingerprints on the electronic bandstructure

Damjan Pelc
Plastic deformation of a quantum material

Boby Joseph
Role of crystal lattice in pressure-induced electronic transitions: selected examples

Sathish Kumar Paramasivam
The Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and BCS-BEC crossover in a 2D multiband superconductors.

Shakhil Ponnarassery Gangadharan
Electronic structure with flat bands in striped and curved heterostructures: Searching for resonant phenomena and enhancement of superconductivity

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