SUPERSTRIPES 2015 - Paperback - 9788866830436

Title of the Book: SUPERSTRIPES 2015


ISBN 9788866830436

ISBN-A 10.978.886683/0436

Science Series: Volume No. 6

Publisher: Superstripes Press, Rome, Italy

Title of the proceedings: Superstripes 2015

Extended Proceedings Title: Papers presented at the Int. Conference Superstripes 2015

Year of Publication: 2015

Conference name: International conference Quantum in Complex Matter: Superconductivity, Magnetism and Ferroelectricity

Conference Date and Location: June 13-18 (2015), Ischia, Italy

Editor: Antonio Bianconi, RICMASS, Rome International Center for Materials Science, Superstripes

Arutyunov K.Y., Babaev E., Balicas L., Bao W., Bauch T., Baumberger F., Bergeal N., Bernhard C., Bianconi A., Billinge S., Black-Schaffer A., Bonca J., Boris A. V., Borisenko S., Bouchiat V., Boudiar A., Bovensiepen U., Brazovskii S., Buechner B., Bussmann-Holder A., Campi G., Capone M, Carbone F., Cataudella V., Chang J., Charnukha A., Chen L., Conradson S. D., Continentino M., Cren T., Croitoru M. D., da Silva Neto E. H., Daghero D., Daghofer M., Dagotto E., Das T., De Padova P., Dean M., De Giorgi L., Deutscher G., Devereaux T., Dobrosavljevic V., Du Y., Egami T., Emerets M.I., Eremin I., Eremin M. V., Fatuzzo C. G., Felner I., Fernandes R. M., Fink J., Finkelstein M., Fleurence A., Freericks J., García-García A. M., Gastiasoro M., Geck J., Glatz A., Green R. J., Grilli M., Hackl R., Hamann Borrero J. E. . Hicks C., Hinkov V., Hirschfeld P. J., Huang Z., Innocenti D., Inosov D., Inoue I. H., Ishihara S., Iwasawa H., Jarlborg T., Jin C., Julien M. H., Kapon I., Kartsovnik M. V., Kataev V., Katrych S., Keller H., Kimura T., Kirova N., Komarek A. C. . Kontani H, Kresin L., Krzton-Maziopa A., Ksenofontov V., Ku W., Kubozono Y., Kurosawa T., Kusmartsev F. V., Lappas A., Larkin T.I., Le Tacon M., Lee D. H., Lee Seung-Hun, Liarokapis E., Liu C., Lograsso T., Lorenzana J., Louca D., Ma X., Macke S., Manske D., Markovic N., Martin I., Massarotti D., Menushenkov A. P., Mihailovic D., Miletto Granozio F., Miloševic M. V., Minola M., Moewes A., Momono N., Morais Smith C., Moreo A., Mukhin S., Neilson D., Poccia N., Ogino H., Oles A. M, Ovchinnikov S, Palumbo F., Pandey R., Paulus W., Pelc D., Perali A., Perfetti L., Petrovic A. P. . Plakida N. M., Ponomarenko . L. A. Popovic D., Portnichenko P. Y. Prellier W., Pupillo G., Puzniak R., Pyatakov A. P, Qiu X. G., Quader K.F, Radzihovsky Leo, Rakhmanov A.L., Renner Ch., Reznik D., Ricci A., Rønnow H. M., Rubin P., Rudnev I. A., Rübhausen M., Sa de Melo C. A. R., Salomon E., Sanna S., Schüssler-Langeheine C., Scott J. F., Sebastian S. E., Seibold G., Shen D., Shengelaya A., . Shi M., Shibauchi T., Sidorenko A., Soh H., Sonier J., Speller S., Stehno M., Strinati C. G., Sunko D. K., Sushkov O. P., Takada Y., Tanatar B., Teitel’baum G. Terashima T., Timusk T., Ting C. S., Tortello M., Tranquada J. M., Turner P., Uemura Y. J., Valletta A.. Vargunin A., Vidmar L., Vinokur V., Wakimoto S., Watanabe, Widom M., Wilson S. D., Wirth S., Wu P. M., Wu S. Y., Wysokinski K. I., Xue Q. K., Yamamoto M., Yanagisawa T., Zaanen J., Zhao J., Zhigadlo N. D., Zocco D. A., Zubko P., Zwicknagl G.


A. Bianconi: Introduction to Superstripes p. 2
V. Kresin: Nanoscale superconducting systems and potential for room temperature superconductivity: theory and experimen p. 4
D. Neilson: Exploiting nanoribbons to enhance electron-hole superfluidity in double graphene systems p. 5
G. Deutscher: Coherence in the High Tc cuprates p. 7

H. Keller: Oxygen Isotope Effects on Lattice Properties of La2-xBaxCuO p. 8
S. D. Conradson: The Polaronic Condensate in UO2(+x): Dynamical Polarons and Feshbach Resonances ... 9
A. Ricci: Nanoscale competition between multiple phases in high-temperature superconductors p. 11
H. Kontani: Orbital-Spin Fluctuation Theory for Cuprate and Fe-based Superconductors: Impact of Aslamazov-Larkin type Vertex Correction p. 13
S. Ovchinnikov: Electron correlations effect on the ARPES in cuprates p. 15

T. Timusk: Optical Spectroscopy of Fermi Liquids p. 17
Y. J. Uemura: Mott transitions with phase separations in RENiO3, (Ca,Sr)2RuO4, (Sr,La)2IrO4 and overdoped Na(Fe,Cu)As p. 18
P. J. Hirschfeld: Theory of disorder and quasiparticle interference in superconductors p. 20
S. Brazovskii: Critical dynamics and domains’ motion from permittivity of the electronic ferroelectric (TMTTF)2AsF6 p. 21
X. Ma, Q.K. Xue: Interface enhanced superconductivity in one unit-cell FeSe films grown on SrTiO3 p. 23

A. M. Oles: Novel Spin-Orbital Phases Induced by Orbital Dilution p. 24
A.L. Rakhmanov : Phase separation, commensurate and incommensurate antiferromagnetic phases in the systems with imperfect nesting p. 26
I. Martin: Weak crystallization theory of metallic alloys p. 27

N. M. Plakida: Magnetic order and spin excitations in anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets p. 29
O. P. Sushkov: Spin-spiral to spin-stripe phase transition driven by fluctuations p. 30
E. Carlson: Universal Features of Local Charge Modulations in a Cuprate Superconductor p. 31
J. Lorenzana: Soft electronic matter in underdoped cuprates p. 33

D. Pavuna: Electric Field Effect Studies in High-Tc Cuprates and Related Materials p. 35
A. Shengelaya: Strong effects of impurities on superconductivity p. 36
A. P. Menushenkov: Fermi-Bose mixture in Ba(K)BiO3 superconducting oxide p. 37
I. A. Rudnev: Magnetization and critical current of calcium-doped YBa2Cu3O7-x composite films p. 39
T. I. Larkin: Excitonic Fano resonance and possible BEC-BCS crossover in ternary chalcogenides Ta2NiS5 and Ta2NiSe5 p. 41

A. Perali: BCS-BEC crossover in multi-band and multi-gap superconductors p. 43
M. Milosevic: Emergent phenomena in multigap superconductors p. 45
M. D. Croitoru: Superconducting correlations in metallic nanograins coupled to an environment p. 47

K. I. Wysokinski: The Kerr effect in the chiral state of strontium ruthenate p. 48
C. Hicks: The Quantum Critical Phase of Sr3Ru2O7 under Compressive and Tensile Strain p. 50
C. G. Fatuzzo: Spin-orbit-induced orbital excitations in Sr2RuO4 and Ca2RuO4: a resonant inelastic X-ray scattering study p. 51
H. Iwasawa: Quasiparticle dynamics and spin-orbit texture of Sr2RuO4 p. 52

M. Finkelstein: Interaction of electrons with the out-of-plane vibrational modes in graphene p. 54
C. Morais Smith: Graphene: the good, the bad, and the beauty p. 55
L. A. Ponomarenko: Graphene Superlattices p. 56
M. Yamamoto: Valley Hall effect in bilayer graphene p. 58
Y. H. Soh: Magnetic Force Microscopy of spin reorientation of iron tin p. 60

U. Bovensiepen: Electronic and bosonic excitations in high temperature superconductors
analyzed by time-resolved ARPES p. 61
M. Eckstein: Ultrafast laser control of the magnetic exchange interaction p. 62
L. Perfetti: Dynamics of fluctuations in high temperature superconductors far from equilibrium conditions p. 63

N. Poccia: Dynamic phase transitions in a honeycomb superconducting network p. 65
A. Y. Mironov: Vortex Mott insulator in nanoperforated TiN films p. 66
T. Cren: STS of vortex cores in superconductors: From Abrikosov to Josephson p. 68
Y. Anahory: Vortex dynamics at the sub-nanometer scale p. 69

C. Aruta: Electronic and magnetic states at cuprate/manganite interfaces p. 70
T. Adachi: Novel electronic state in n-type high-Tc cuprate superconductors observed by transport properties and muon spin relaxation p. 72
F. Miletto-Granozio: About superconductivity and magnetism in 2DEGs at oxide interfaces p. 74
M. Stehno: The superconducting proximity effect in topological insulator/superconductor hybrid systems: theoretical exploration and experimental probes p. 75
D. Innocenti: Shape resonance in a single slab for optimum Tc in 2DEG p. 76

T. Lograsso: In situ observation of phase separation and hierarchical microstructure of KxFe2- ySe2 single crystals p. 78
P. M. Wu: Disordered Fe vacancies and superconductivity in potassium-intercalated iron selenide p. 80
S. Speller: Spectromicroscopy of phase-separated iron chalcogenide superconductors p. 82

D. Louca: Local Fe modes and superconductivity in K0.8Fe2-ySe2 p. 84
C. Liu: Superconductivity of Single-Layer Films of FeSe with Tc above 100 K p. 85
C. S. Ting: Pairing Symmetry and Fermi-Surface Topology in Fe-Based-122 Superconductors p. 87

D. Daghero: Electrochemical charge doping in conventional and unconventional superconductors: the cases of NbN and Ba-122 p. 89
S. Sanna: Tuning the quantum critical point by Mn impurities and chemical pressure p. 91
W. Paulus: Structural complexity in RE2MO4+d: where are the limits p. 93
A. Glatz: Towards Critical Current by Design p. 95

G. Aeppli: Orbitronics - optical control and electrical readout of coherent orbital states in a solid p. 98
J. M. Tranquada: Pinning Stripes in La2-x(Ba,Sr)xCuO4 p. 99
G. Teytelbaum: Electron and hole pockets in charge-ordered phase of underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy p. 101
T. Deveraux: Understanding the evolution of spin and charge excitations in the cuprates p. 103
A. Bianconi: Shape resonance near neck disrupting Lifshitz transitions in iron-based superconductors p. 105

R. Hackl: Evidence for s- and d-wave pairing instabilities in Fe-based superconductors p. 108
L. Degiorgi: Electrodynamic response in the electronic nematic phase of BaFe2As2 p. 110
C. Bernhard: ?SR and infrared study of the spin reorientation transition and its reentrance below Tc in underdoped Ba0.75K0.25Fe2As2 p. 112

N. Kirova: Dynamical patterns of phase transformations from self-trapping of quantum excitons p. 113
J. Freericks: Nonlinear response of CDW ordered materials p. 115
C. Giannetti: Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates p. 117
F.Carbone: Photo-induced charge ordering in strongly correlated oxydes p. 119

L. Vidmar: Femtosecond dynamics of quantum many-body systems coupled to bosonic degrees of freedom p. 120
M. Dean: Ultra-fast magnetic dynamics in Sr2IrO4 p. 122
D. Mihailovic: The temporal evolution of carrier localisation, metastable state relaxation and symmetry breaking in complex materials p. 124
A. Lanzara: Light induced meltdown of quasiparticles in high temperature superconductors p. 126
M. Rübhausen: Complex gap structures determined by time resolved spontaneous Raman scattering p. 127

S. E. Sebastian: Charge ordered normal ground state and its interplay with superconductivity in the underdoped cuprates p. 129
D. Reznik: Anomalous Phonons and High Temperature Superconductivity in Copper Oxides p. 130
J. van Wezel: Charge Order from Orbital-dependent Coupling Evidenced by NbSe2 p. 132

I. Felner: Superconductivity and Unusual Magnetic Behavior in Amorphous Carbon p. 133
C.Q. Jin: Enhancement of Pressure on Novel Superconductivity p. 135
R. Arita: First-principles study on high Tc superconductivity in sulfer hydrides under high pressure p. 136
Y. Kubozono: Emergence of high-Tc superconducting phase in (NH3)yMxFeSe and carbonbased superconductors under high pressure p. 138

L. Balicas: Extremely high upper-critical fields in Pd based chalcogenide superconductors p. 140
D. K. Sunko: Magnetic and charge - responses of cuprates from the high-temperature limit p. 142
D. Inosov: Superconducting Properties and Pseudogap in the Triclinic p. 143
L. Radzihovsky Nonlinear Goldstone modes and Higgs mechanism chiral helical states p. 144
T. Shibauchi: BCS-BEC crossover physics in iron-based superconductors p. 145

R. Puzniak: Tuning superconducting state properties of FeTe1-xSex and RbxFe2-ySe2: Impact of crystal growth conditions and thermal treatment on mesoscopic phase separation p. 146
N. D. Zhigadlo: High-Pressure Growth of Solid-State Materials p. 147
T. Watanabe: Recent progress on single crystal growth and the study using magnetotransport measurements for trilayer Bi-2223 p. 149

M. Minola: Tunable charge and spin order in nickel oxide thin films and superlattices p. 151
N. Momono: The effects of impurities and disorder on the superconducting gap of Bi-based cuprate superconductors investigated by STM/STS p. 153
T. Yanagisawa: Superconductivity and stripes in cuprate high temperature superconductors p. 154
W. Bao: Orbital ordering, phase separation and high-pressure neutron scattering study of the iron based superconductors p. 156

M. De Llano: Generalized BEC and crossover theories of superconductors and ultracold bosonic and fermionic gases p. 158
D. Manske: Theory for Higgs oscillations in superconductors p. 160
A. Vargunin: Fluctuation region of a two-band superconductor p. 162
Z. Huang: Novel Phase Sensitive Phenomena in Multi-Band Superconductors with Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry p. 163
S.Y. Wu: More about the holographic two-band superconductor p. 165

A. P. Pyatakov: Spatially Localized Multiferroicity in magnetic films at room temperature p. 166
S. Wakimoto: Magnetic excitation of hole-overdoped cuprate studied by RIXS and neutron p. 168
S.H. Lee: A spin jam state of a highly frustrated magnet materials p. 170

T. E. Kuzmicheva: SnS-Andreev spectroscopy of Fe-based oxypnictides: scaling of superconducting parameters with T? p. 171
M. Tortello: Directional Point-Contact Josephson Junctions in K-doped Ba 122 single crystals p. 173
A. Charnukha: High-temperature superconductivity from fine-tuning of Fermi-surface singularities in iron oxypnictides p. 175
H. Ogino: Superconducting properties and doping effects of (Ca,RE)FeAs2 p. 176

M. Capone: Hidden and Apparent Mott Physics in Iron Superconductors p. 178
D. A. Zocco: Electronic correlations in AFe2As2 iron-based superconductors p. 180
M. Gastiasoro: Competing magnetic double-Q phases in iron pnictides p. 181
A. M. Garcia-Garcia: Can disorder really enhance superconductivity p. 182
B. Tanatar: Transient regime of single-molecule magnets p. 183

D.H. Lee: Is FeSe a nematic quantum paramagnet p. 185
J. Zaanen:Strange metals, fermion signs and long range entanglement p. 186
S. Borisenko: Spin-orbit interaction vs. nematicity in multiband iron-based superconductors as seen by ARPES p. 187
B. Buechner: Orbital-driven nematicity and superconductivity in FeSe: NMR study p. 189
J. F. Scott: Stripe Domains in Multiferroics and near Quantum Critical Points in Ferroelectrics p. 190

G. Calvanese Strinati: Meissner-like effect in neutral trapped Fermi gases with arbitrary Interaction p. 191
C. Sa de Melo: Effects of spin-orbit coupling on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz Thouless transition p. 192
L. Salasnich: Composite bosons in the 2D BCS-BEC crossover p. 193

P. De Padova: v3×v3-Ag/Si(111)7×7: A Template for Silicene Growth p. 194
Y. Du: Emergence of New Dirac Fermions in Twisted Silicene p. 195
E. Salomon: Reactivity of silicene towards atoms and molecules p. 197
A. Moewes: Exploring Silicene mono- and multilayers of Silicene and Graphene with soft Xray spectroscopy and DFT p. 198

A. Fleurence: Temperature- and Si deposition-dependence of epitaxial silicene on ZrB2(0001) p. 200
L. Chen: The ordered and reversible hydrogenation on silicene p. 202
J. Zhao:Defect and oxidation of silicene on Ag(111) surface p. 203
Y. Wang: Construction of 2D Materials on Solid Surfaces: Silicene, Germanene, and Hafnene p. 205
V. Bouchiat: Quantum Phase Transition from Superconducting to Metallic state in Diluted Arrays of Tin Dots on Graphene p. 207

M. Le Tacon: CDW in the underdoped cuprates p. 209
Ch. Renner: On the vortex core states seen by STM in YBa2Cu3O7-δ p. 211
H. M. Rønnow: Breaking the Waves – Experiments and theories on fractional excitations from 1D to 2D p. 213

B. M. Andersen: Vortices and Emergent Defects in Iron-based superconductors p. 215
R. M. Fernandes: Magnetism without tetragonal symmetry breaking in iron-based superconductors p. 216
G. Seibold: Static and dynamical correlations of strongly disordered superconductors p. 218
A. P. Petrovic: Tunable Multifractality in Quantum Matter p. 219

G. Campi: Heterogeneous and complex superconductors as seen by synchrotron x-ray (sub)micron beam measurements p. 221
J. Geck: Heavy fermion liquid formation, superconductivity and the ‘hidden order’ in URu2Si2 p. 223
P. Y. Portnichenko: Momentum-space structure of quasielastic spin fluctuations in Ce3Pd20Si6 p. 225
V. Kataev: Interplay of disorder and spin frustration near the critical point: A case study of CoAl2O4 by local spin probe techniques p. 227
A. Sidorenko: Triplet pairing and memory effect in S/F nanostructures as a base for superconducting spintronics p. 228

V. Ksenofontov: Superconductivity and Magnetism in Iron Selenides p. 230
A. Krzton-Maziopa: Superconductivity of iron selenides intercalated with molecular spacers p. 231
S. Katrych: Superconducting Properties of Ln4Fe2As2Te1-xO4-yFy (Ln=Pr, Sm, Gd) p. 232

M. Grilli: Nanoscopic inhomogeneity, intrinsic charge instability and metal-to-superconductor transition in oxide heterostructures p. 234
V. Hinkov: Reconstruction effects at complex oxide interfaces studied with resonant x-ray scattering p. 236
N. Bergeal: Top-gating control of the 2-DEG at the LAO/STO interface p. 238
T. Kimura: Effects of high pressure on spin-driven ferroelectricity p. 240

V. Cataudella: Out equilibrium Polaron Formation p. 241
D. Popovic: Time-domain spectroscopy of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in highly underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 p. 243
S. Ishihara: Photoinduced Carrier Dynamics in Charge-Ordered Insulator and Mott Insulator p. 244
J. Bonca: Relaxation dynamics of many-body systems p. 245

I. H. Inoue: Negative capacitance? 1000% enhancement of the carrier density at the surface of non-doped SrTiO3 p. 247
R. J. Green: Microscopic details of orbital and electronic reconstructions at oxide interfaces from resonant x-ray reflectometry p. 249
J. E. Hamann Borrero: Studying emergent phenomena at surfaces and interfaces of complex matter using resonant soft x-ray reflectivity p. 250

M. A. Continentino: Renormalization group approach to quantum topological phase transitions p. 252
F. Palumbo: Multiple condensate of composite bosons p. 253
S. Mukhin: Fluctuations of hidden order as Cooper pairing glue p. 254
G. Pupillo: Cluster Luttinger Liquids and supersymmetry in an extended Hubbard model p. 255

Y. Takada: -Light Fermion- Problem in the Low-Density Electron Gas p. 256
W. Ku: Phase fluctuation in overdoped cuprates? Superconducting dome due to Mott-ness of the tightly bound preformed pairs p. 258
T. Jarlborg: Electronic structure, doping, order and disorder in cuprate superconductors p. 259
M. Daghofer: Iridates realizing complex spin-orbital physics p. 260

E. Dagotto: Complex Phase Diagrams of Models for Iron Based Superconductors p. 263
T. Egami: Relaxor Ferroelectrics, Spin-Glass and Real Glass p. 264
J. Chang: Charge order, superconductivity and pseudogap physics in the cuprates p. 266
A. C. Komarek: Nano phase separation in Cobaltates p. 267
F. Lombardi: Looking at the mechanism for high critical temperature superconductivity through nanoscale YBCO devices p. 269

M.H. Julien: NMR studies of charge order in YBa2Cu3Oy p. 271
M. V. Kartsovnik: Superconductivity and charge-density-wave state in the layered organic conductors p. 272
J. E. Sonier: Intertwining of charge and superconducting orders in cuprates above Tc p. 274

S. Wirth: Lifshitz transitions and quasiparticle de-renormalization in heavy fermion YbRh2Si2 p. 275
M. Widom: Pressure-driven magnetic and structural transitions in the 122-pnictides p. 277
K. F. Quader: Lifshitz Transition in 122-Pnictides Under Pressure p. 279
T. Terashima: Fermiology in iron-based superconductors via quantum oscillation measurements p. 280

M. Shi: Tuning electronic correlations in transition metal pnictides chemistry beyond the valence count p. 282
J. Fink: Non-Fermi-liquid scattering rates and anomalous band dispersion in ferropnictides - an ARPES study p. 283
C. Liu: Lifshitz transitions in iron-based superconductors – our findings and current points of view p. 284
M. I. Eremets: Conventional superconductivity at 203 K at high pressures p. 286

M. Vinokur: Vortex Mott transitions: experiment and theory p. 287
F. Tafuri : Escape dynamics from Josephson to phase slip modes p. 289
K. Y. Arutyunov: Quantum fluctuations in low-dimensional superconductors p. 290

S. D. Wilson: First order melting of a weak spin-orbit Mott insulator into a correlated metal p. 292
A. Bussmann-Holder: Tiny cause with huge impact: polar instability through strong magnetoelectric-elastic coupling in bulk EuTiO3 p. 293
E. Liarokapis: Induced Raman scattering in bulk EuTiO3 p. 295
P. Zubko: Dielectric properties of ferroeletric stripe domains p. 296

S. Billinge: Nanoscale fluctuations in electronic and atomic structure in strongly correlated electron and charge ordered systems p. 297
D. Shen: Epitaxial growth and in-situ angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study on novel artificial iridates p. 298
F. Baumberger: Fermi Pockets and Pseudogap in Lightly Doped Strontium Iridates p. 300

S. Macke: Emergent long-range magnetic ordering in manganite superlattices p. 302
A. Lappas: Emergence of an inhomogeneous state in a triangular antiferromagnet p. 304
C. Schüßler-Langeheine Character and dynamics of orbital order in magnetite p. 306

D. Massarotti: Switching dynamics of Josephson junctions in a wide range of Jc values: crossover from Josephson to phase slip modes p. 308
V. I. Yukalov: Spintronics with magnetic nanomolecules and graphene flakes p. 310
T. Bauch: Probing the nature of high-Tc superconductivity using quantum nano devices p. 311
X.G. QIU: Infrared studies on the Collapsed Tetragonal phase of Ca0.86Pr0.14Fe2As2 p. 313

M.V. Eremin: Dual Features of Spin and Charge Excitations in High-Tc Cuprates p. 314
O. Dolgov: Effects of the proton irradiation on the microwave properties of the multiband system Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 films. Theory vs experiment p. 315
D. Pelc: Nonlinear Response in the Cuprates p. 316

P. Turner: A new theoretical approach to macroscopic quantum coherence in high temperature superconductivity p. 317
A. Black Schaffer: Topological superconductivity with mixed chirality p. 319
N. Markovic: Weber Blockade and Quantum Vortex Chains in Superconducting Nanowires p. 321

N. Barišic: Revised phase diagram of the cuprates p. 323
I. Kapon: Finite penetration depth above Tc in LSCO x=1/8 p. 324
R. Pandey: Theoretical Study of Phosphorene-based 2D Materials p. 326
T. Das: Universal two superconducting domes in unconventional superconductors p. 327

T. Kurosawa: STM/STS study on electronic charge order and large pseudogap in Bi2212 p. 329
G. ZwickNagl: Magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transitions in heavy fermion materials p. 330
F. V. Kusmartsev: Fluctuating charge-density waves, stripes and associated origin of pseudogap and superconductivity p. 332

A. Moreo: Effects of electronic doping and disorder on the upper phase transitions of pnictides: a numerical study p. 334
V. Dobrosavljevic: Glassy dynamics in geometrically frustrated Coulomb liquids without disorder p. 336
I. Eremin: Magnetic and orbital ordering in the iron-based superconductors: role of spin-orbit coupling p. 338
A. V.Boris: Magnetic and superconducting phases and THz magnetoconductivity in δ-Srdoped La2CuO4 superlattices p. 339
E. Babaev: Type-1.5 superconductivity: experimental evidence in Sr2RuO4 and possible occurrence in Ba1-xKxFe2As2 p. 341

A. Boudiar: Stripes in Cuprates as Polyominoes Tiling p. 342
Z. W. Li: Incommensurate spin and charge correlations in the highly hole-doped La2-xSrxCoO4 and La2-xSrxNiO4 p. 343
P. Rubin: Simultaneous action of intra- and interband pair channels in multiband superconductivity p. 345
A. Valletta: The common case of two condensates in diborides and iron superconductors p. 347

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