The authors are invited to submit at the conference desk the paper for the proceedings.

We accept  both manuscripts  of about 4-6 pages based on the results presented at the Conference  and  invited reviews on the hot topics of Focus sessions.

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The submitted papers are accepted by the Editor of the special Issue and by the Journal Chief Editor after peer review process.

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13 Vladimir Pudalov, M.E. Gershenson
Temperature Dependence of Renormalized Spin Susceptibility for Interacting 2D Electrons in Silicon

12 Y. Toda, H. Mochizuki, S. Tsuchiya, T. Kurosawa , M. Oda , T. Mertelj , D. Mihailovic
Nonequilibrium quasiparticle dynamics in Bi-based superconductors measured by modulation photoexcitation spectroscopy

11 Huaisong Zhao, Yingping Mou, Shiping Feng
Correlation between charge order and second-neighbor hopping in cuprate superconductors

10 Wojciech Grochala
Silverland: the realm of compounds of divalent silver – and why they are interesting

9 Jose A Alarco, Peter C Talbot and Ian D. R. Mackinnon
A complete and accurate description of superconductivity of AlB2–type structures from phonon dispersion calculations

8 Aviv Moshe, Nimrod Bachar, Shachar Lerer, Yossi Lereah, Guy Deutscher
Multi-level Kondo effect and enhanced critical temperature in nanoscale granular Al

7 Alexander S. Moskvin, Yu.D. Panov
Topological structures in a model cuprate

6 Sergii I. Shylin, Vadim Ksenofontov, Pavel Naumov, Sergey A. Medvedev, Claudia Felser
Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism in Cu-doped FeSe under pressure

5 Artem V. Galaktionov, Dmitry S. Golubev and Andrei D. Zaikin
Intrinsic quantum dissipation in superconducting weak links

4 Andrew G. Semenov, Andrei D. Zaikin
Voltage noise in a superconducting wire with a constriction

3 I. Kanazawa, R. Maeda
Quantized Massive Gauge Fields and Anomalous Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectra in High-Tc Cuprates

2 G.A. Ummarino, D. Daghero, M. Tortello and R.S. Gonnelli
Superconductivity on the verge of a pressure-induced Lifshitz transition in CaFe2As2: an interpretation within the Eliashberg theory

1 R.S. Markiewicz, I.G. Buda, P. Mistark, C. Lane, A. Bansil
A New Model of Pseudogap Physics in the Cuprates 

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