Topological Quantum Science 2020

"Majorana Centre"
Erice on April 17-23, 2020
Topological Quantum Science 2020

"Majorana Centre"
Erice on April 17-23, 2020

The Workshop "Topological Quantum Science 2020" (TQS 2020)

to be held at the "Majorana Centre", Erice on April 17-23, 2020 chaired by Antonio Bianconi and Yoshiteru Maeno
has been canceled
because today April, 10th 2020, the Italian law extended the Lockdown including cancellation  public cultural events and has forbidden any travelling up to May 3rd


see news on the web:
“Premier Conte-extends nationwide lockdown to May 3”


Majorana Centre has rescheduled TQS 2020 workshop
to next year workshop
Topological Quantum Science 2021 (TQS 2021) to be held on Nov 1-7 2021.

TQS 2021 is a course of the International School of Solid State Physics of the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture directed by Giorgio Benedek.
The scientific invited talks and communications accepted to be presented at the TQS 2020 are accepted for presentation to next workshop on Topological Quantum Science 2021.
The participants and invited speakers who have already send the registration are invited to ask the refund of the registration fee by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to ask to transfer the registration to the next TQS 2021 to be held on Nov 1-7, 2021.
We are very sorry that international scientific exchanges have been stopped this year because of Covid-19 epidemic since international open exchange interchanges are a key motor for advance of Science. 
As scientists of quantum matter, we feel that it is our duty to help the population to face Covid-19 epidemic. This is a new challenge for scientists to show to a large audience that science can help humanity in real time by unveiling the physics of  these unpredictable atoms in living matter. Today synchrotron radiation research has shown its unique capability to unveil the structure of the corona virus and to open the roadmap for a vaccine. Statistical physics in the new field of network medicine is fully engaged in searching the network of molecular interactions of the virus in the human body opening new routes for medicine. The statistical physics is looking today for understanding epidemic spreading time scale in presence of different containment measures and to provide quantitative measures of their efficiency which are needed to avoid high number of deaths and a long stop of manufacture. Our association Superstripes-onlus is now supporting research in these fields with the assumption that interdisciplinary approaches will create new roadmaps to face the Covid-19 challenge for science.
Moreover Covid-19 epidemic is triggering a world-wide economic crisis with the explosion of unemployment. Our Association for Advances of Science consider its duty to help workers engaged in the cancelled events of international scientific interchanges, including  our cancelled workshop.  We are planning this year “on line” workshops on i) Topological Quantum Science;  ii) Quantum Complex Matter; iii) Quantum Matter for Quantum Computing; iv) Statistical Physics of Covid-19 Epidemic; and v) Quantum Physics of life; vi) Quantum Biology.
For this reasons we ask all participants of the cancelled TQS_2020 workshop who want to offer their collaboration to realize these new projects, to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to manifest their interest. 

best regards

Antonio Bianconi



Antonio Bianconi (RICMASS, Italy)
Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto University, Japan)



Antonio Bianconi (RICMASS, Italy)
Hendrik Bluhm (TU Aachen, Germany)
Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto University, Japan)
Dusan A. Pejakovic (Moore Foundation, USA)
Masahito Ueda (University of Tokyo, Japan)


Program committee

Fabian Hassler (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto University, Japan)
Markus Morgestern
(RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Andrea Perali
(University of Camerino, Italy)
Roberto Raimondi (Roma Tre University, Italy)
Takafumi Sato (Kyoto University, Japan)
Ali Yazdani (Princeton University, USA)



The workshop is a course of the
directed by Giorgio Benedek


The workshop is organized in collaboration with 
Moore foundation (USA) ( )
JST Strategic Basic Research Program CREST on Topological Materials Science (Japan) ( )
Superstripes-onlus, (RICMASS) Rome, Italy


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