13th International Conference on
Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures
Italy – Rome, October 9-15, 2016

sponsored by MDPI & Superstripes

Distinguished Scientific ACSIN 2016 Awards for early career achievements have been assigned for outstanding scientific contributions in Nanoscience developing advanced experimental methods using synchrotron radiation and data analysis to:

  • Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek of the Jagiellonian University, Kraków for advanced infrared studies of biological physics (Read more...)
  • Alessandro Ricci of the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Hamburg for developing novel x-ray diffraction methods to unveil mesoscopic scale organization in materials showing nanoscale phase separation (Read more...)
  • Wei Xu of the Institute of High Energy Physics of Cinese Academy of Science , Beijing for application of XANES spectroscopy to advanced functional materials (Read more...)

The award ceremony has been held on October 14, 2016 during the concluding remarks in the Bruno Touschek hall of the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of the INFN in Frascati, Italy

consegna premio acsin2016

Dr. Wei Xu, Dr. Alessandro Ricci and Dr. Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek
receiving the ACSIN2016 Award for outstanding early career achievements
in the closing session with Pierluigi Campana, director of LNF, Prof. Antonio Bianconi and Prof. Augusto Marcelli
in Frascati National Laboratories on October 14, 2016

About ACSIN 2016

The Conference will consist of Invited, Oral presentations and Poster Sessions, which will be organized to address to reaserch frontiers in semiconductor surfaces, interfaces and nanostructured materials, device physics, bio materials and applications.

ACSIN-2016 will primarily focus on general aspects of materials, surfaces and interfaces within the topics that are of strong current interest in semiconductor surface and interface science.


ASCSIN-13 will be held in, Rome - Italy at the Bruno Touschek Congress Center Frascati National Laboratories LNF of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Tor Vergata) which can be reached in 18 minutes from Central railroad Station of Rome (Roma Termini).

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