13th International Conference on
Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures
Italy – Rome, October 9-15, 2016

The Gala Dinner will be held at Palazzo Brancaccio on Oct 12 from h 19:00 to 24:00

A bus will take the partecipants in the afternoon from the conference site to Rome after the Poster Session in Frascati and the bus will take them back the partecipants, who have the hotel in Frascati, to Frascati on the nigth of Oct 12. We have already paid and reseved the seats in the Gala Dinner for all guests who have already reserved the dinner.

We inform you that if you have not jet reserved the seat for the dinner you could make the reservation for you and your friends by sending an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
sending 80 euro/per person before Oct 5 which is the last deadline requested by Brancaccio Palace for seat reservation, few seats will be available at the registration desk on Oct 10.

Fish will be served in the Dinner menu. If you don't eat fish please send us email requesting meat dishes or vegetarian dishes.

Formal dress (a jacket and tie for men is sufficient) is required to be admitted to Palazzo Brancaccio.

Confirmed Partecipants:

1. Acun Adil
2. Angot Thierry
3. Araidai Masaaki
4. Aristov Victor
5. Aruga Tetsuya
6. Banas Agnieszka
7. Banas Krzysztof
8. Bechstedt Friedhelm
9. Bera Mrinal
10. Bianconi Antonio
11. Brunkov Pavel
12. Brylinski Christian
13. Calzolari Arrigo
14. Castrucci Paola
15. Chen Mingshu
16. Chen Yuliang
17. Chiang Shirley
18. Cricenti Antonio
19. Dávila María E.
20. Della Ventura Giancarlo
21. Deniz Okan
22. De Padova Paola
23. Dziedzic-Kocurek Katarzyna
24. Eltsov Kostantin
25. Evans Paul
26. Flores Sintas Fernando
27. Fong Dillon
28. Franke Katharina
29. Gigli Giuseppe
30. Hatada Keisuke
31. Hattori Hayami
32. Hornekær Liv
33. Huang Qiushi
34. Irizawa Akinori
35. Ichikawa Masakazu
36. Imamura Masaki
37. Jarlborg Thomas
38. Jarlborg accompaining person
39. Joseph Boby
40. Kawahara Toshio
41. Kawahara Makiko accompaining person
42. Kimura Akio
43. Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
44. Konabe Satoru
45. Legramante Maddalena
46. Liu Bingbing
47. Ludwig Karl

48. Lupi Stefano
49. Macis Salvatore
50. Marcelli Augusto
51. Marcelli accompaining person52. Marchione Walter
53. Miccoli Ilio
54. Michel Enrique Garcia
55. Molodtsova Olga
56. Morgante Alberto
57. Münzing Björn
58. Oda Masato
59. Ogino Toshio
60. Pai Woei Wu Larry
61. Palumbo Fabrizio
62. Pulci Olivia
63. Ricci Alessandro
64. Sabatini Lia
65. Sakai Akira
66. Sakamoto Kazuyuki
67. Saranin Alexander
68. Schippers Stefan
69. Sébilleau Didier
70. Shah Jalil
71. Shigeta Yukichi
72. Shigeta Kanayo accompaining person
73. Shimizu Kato Tomoko
74. Smerieri Marco
75. Soukiassian Patrick
76. Soukassian accompaining person
77. Starke Ulrich
78. Takahashi Kazutoshi
79. Tsukada Masaru
80. Ujihara Toru
81. Wang Weimin
82. Wang Weimin accompaining person
83. Wang Zhiming
84. Watanabe Takanobu
85. Wei Xu
86. Yagyu  Kazuma
87. Yamazaki Shiro
88. Yamamoto Takahiro
89. Yasuda Hidehiro
90. Zahn Dietrich RT
92. Zahn Dietrich accompaining person
92. Zekentes Konstantinos
93. Zekentes  Konstantinos accompaining person
94. Zamoryanskaya Maria V



The Nanoscience Prize

The Nanoscience Prize was founded at the ACSIN-5 and has been awarded to scientists that established “Outstanding Achievements in Nanoscience”.
The Nanoscience Prize 2016 will be anounced at the conference closing session.


About ACSIN 2016

The Conference will consist of Invited, Oral presentations and Poster Sessions, which will be organized to address to reaserch frontiers in semiconductor surfaces, interfaces and nanostructured materials, device physics, bio materials and applications.

ACSIN-2016 will primarily focus on general aspects of materials, surfaces and interfaces within the topics that are of strong current interest in semiconductor surface and interface science.


ASCSIN-13 will be held in, Rome - Italy at the Bruno Touschek Congress Center Frascati National Laboratories LNF of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Tor Vergata) which can be reached in 18 minutes from Central railroad Station of Rome (Roma Termini).

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Hotels in Frascati with special rates with INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati for the conference week.

Hotels in Rome near Termini railway central station.


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